Who should join the PTA?

In short, YOU! Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Friends, School Teachers and Staff, Community Members who support MVE, and anyone who wants to make a difference in their local school and community.  Anyone who considers themselves members of our MVE community should join in order to have a voice in making a difference and implementing change. We have partnered with local businesses, your friends have joined, your teachers have joined… why shouldn’t you?


You become a member of the MVE PTA. That’s it. Contrary to popular belief, joining the PTA does not automatically sign you up for anything and everything we do. You won’t be handed a committee to run (although we would very much like your help). We will not chase you down with clipboards or run after your car in the parking lot. Donate as much or as little of your time as you want. Be involved as much or as little as you would like. If you can help an hour a month, we have a place for you. If you can help every day of the month, we have a place for you. Of course, we would love for everyone to be involved as much as possible but we get it, we are parents too. So help out every day of the year or never once- we still want you as a member. You set your schedule with our PTA- we do not set it for you. Your PTA membership also gives you a vote at our meetings so come join us at our meetings and give us your ideas and your feedback- we want to hear it! You should join because have a voice, you have ideas-and what better place to use both of those than a PTA that wants to better your child’s school? And we know that you want to support your students and your school. We’re all working as a team for OUR children and OUR school. Be apart of that with us.


Glad you asked. Fill out your membership form and submit your payment. Easy peasy. You can pay the $10 membership dues, any time of the year. You can also click the link below to see our Digital Welcome Packet which has a membership form in it. In the packet, you’ll see a welcome letter from us, a membership form, a little about what our PTA does and a PTA calendar of events for the year. Hard copies of the membership form are always available in the lobby at school. Just print out the form (or pick one up at school or email us and we will send you one), fill it out and attach your payment and send it back to school. We’ll take care of the rest.

Click here to download MVE PTA’s Digital Welcome Packet (coming soon).


Good question. Out of your $10 yearly membership dues, $6.25 of it goes to the State and National PTA. They provide training and support throughout the year for us and a bevy of information to help us run the best we can, along with our tax exemption status . The remaining $3.75 stays at Mountain View. You can see how having more members allows us to do more.  We use PTA funds to do some pretty neat stuff for our students, sponsoring events such as the Back To School Bash, the Fall Fun Fest with a free Trunk or Treat, the Family Dance and doing things like fulfilling teacher wish lists, hosting a teacher and staff appreciation week, providing an end of the year treat for students, buying new educational software for the students and as of last year, fully funding the Outdoor Classroom that so many of our students will use! And we have even bigger plans this year, so we need your help!

so… I just joined the pta!

Congrats on becoming your student’s biggest advocate. We are truly happy to have you as a part of our PTA. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to volunteer in any capacity and we will make it happen. And now that you’re a member, you may as well come to a meeting or two. Our meetings are tentatively scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month at 7PM, generally in our library. We know your time is valuable, so we won’t take up too much of it. We will go over business on the agenda, hear you out and feed you some snacks. Again, congrats on becoming a PTA member. Oh, and tell your friends. 

Contact our board with any questions. We’re happy to help you get involved.

NEED A MEMBERSHIP FORM? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. FILL IT out and send it back to school with your child or turn in to the front desk.  

Do you know of a local business who would want to become a Business Partner with our PTA? Email us and let’s talk!