Couldn’t make a meeting? Missed something important? Find out what you missed on this page.

> Our first meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 11 at 6:30PM

What can you expect at our meetings? An orderly and timely one hour meeting following Robert’s Rules of Order, agenda completion, light snacks, answers to questions, camaraderie, and an open floor at the end of the meeting for members to voice opinions or write them down for later discussion. The state PTA would prefer us not to post the Bylaws (PTA protected template) online but there will be a folder with the Bylaws (for your reference) on the table at each and every meeting. You’ll also have access to our Membership  Financial folder where members of our PTA can see the accounting firsthand (receipts and statements), have an opportunity to talk to any of our board members (or make an appointment) and have a clear view of where our money is going.